Shiridi Saibaba Temple

Nails of Ladies's Hands :-

Ladies with their pink nails-pinkish and slightly projected are fortunate ones. They are materially prosperous. Contrary to this, if the nails are rough, spotted and without lustre, tending to yellowish or whitish color, the subjects are poor and addicted to corruption. Their lives are always full of scarcities, worries, mental agonies and they have their lives with uncertainly, according to "BhavishyaPuran." Ladies with very short nails on their fingers of hand are of irascible nature. It will not be too much to say that ladies with such nails are like Mahakali. They always want to keep their spouses under control.

The husbands of this type of ladies should behave their wives carefully and politely. The children also are under control of this kind of ladies. They are ladies with good character. If the nails are short with their color pale, the subjects are violent liars. and are crooked to the core.

Marks, Spots and Lines over nails:-

1. If there are black spots or dots on the nails, such subjects have criminal and sensuous tendencies. They may suffer from skin and blood related diseases.

2. White spots on the nails are indicative of obstruction in blood circulation. If the spots are lustrous white, this indicates mutual and assertive love.

3. A white crescent at the root of nail is a good sign. Such subjects are always progressive.

Index Finger: - A white crescent on the nail of the index finger, generates the circumstances conductive to progress and profit. But, if there is a black spot on the nail, this indicates a sudden loss of wealth and deficit in business. In case the dots is white, the subjects gains in business and commands respect.

Middle Finger: - A white spot on the nail of the middle finger with a crescent make the subject to undertake voyages, bring wealth and gain prosperity. If there is a black spot or black dot, some near and dear helps to resolve the problems and helps in troubles. And if there is a projected spot with polish yellow shade of the nail, the subject is rewarded according to the efforts made, but such a case harms the wife and brother of the subjects.

Ring FInger :- If there is a crescent on the nail of Apollo, the subject achieves success in mechanical and machinary work. If there is a white spot or dot, the person takes interest in religious activities. Such person developes affinity for studies. If there is a black spot, the subject may suffer from allegations or blames and loses respects of others.

Small Finger: - A crescent on the nail of small finger indicates gain in business field. White dot is not good and indicates unsuccess and loss to the subject. Lines on the nails: - The lines on the nails show their real effect. Vertical lines on the nails indicate nervous disorder. Vertical lines on the nails indicate nervous disorder. Vertically curved and unlevelled lines indicate disorders of blood pressure and blood.

This also indicates damage to the nervous system. Whenever horizontal lines are visible on the nails, it should be understood that disease is finding its way into the body.